Apparel POS

Fashion industry is a huge global industry worth about 3 trillion dollar. As all fashion businesses, you want to sustain your share. The thing that you should do is keep the hottest, unique and stylish clothes with premium or special offers for your customers. Bigg POS will serve you to keep your supremacy in the fashion sector with the best tools.

Apparel POS system of Bigg is for every type of clothing store, shoes, underclothes, custom production clothes, handbags, outerwear and etc. You can have the control of your customize POS system.

Most important Bigg POS features are, inventory control, cash register, and reporting. And those features can be customisable based on our customers needs or wishes. Another feature of Bigg POS is that it can work both offline and online or mobile version. It is fast, easy and practical in anytime.

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