Bigg POS System Features

Bigg POS will take a place between your business and customer.

Billing and order processing, sales monitoring and reporting, inventory and stock management, employee management, loyalty programs and gift cards…

Customer Display

Your customers trust you more when they can see the calculation in action. With a customer-facing screen on your POS your customers will know exactly what’s going on and this will result in them either ordering more or being satisfied with the total. 

Advanced Inventory

With our advanced inventory management system, you can easily keep granular data on all ingredients, items and even turn off every menu item that includes those ingredients and connected items. 

Where We Serve?


Apparel POS

Fashion industry is a huge global industry worth about 3 trillion dollar. As all fashion businesses…

Cosmetics POS

Cosmetic sector is rising day by day. Because the sector very vital and  improving itself…

Wholesale POS

Noone know accept Bigg POS that how challenging wholesale business. Suppliers, buyers, manufacturers…

Pet Supplies POS

Pets are more than a family or a friend, and people who are responsible for a pet want to take care of them better…

Food - Grocery POS

Food industry is the most attractive and challenging industry worth  8.7 trillion dollars in the world. With the latest technology, ordering online…

Retail POS

Comprehensive retail software that Bigg POS offers you would be the best match for your business to make…

Supermarket POS

Bigg POS system will make the supermarket payment process easier, satisfy customer and manage the store.

Hotel POS

In the hotel sector, transactions are very complicated, check in, check out, reservation, cancelation, booking etc…

Hospitality ( Restaurant, cafe)

The POS system is mostly used in the restaurant cafe bar industry. POS is the system used to receive the orders…

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Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is a customer’s willingness to buy from the same company all the time. It depends on the business goal but, keeping the same customer means a lot to a company, maybe more than a new customer. Because it shows that your customers are satisfied and adding more value to your business.

''It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.''

– Albert Einstein

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