Food and Grocery POS

Food industry is the most attractive and challenging industry worth  8.7 trillion dollars in the world. With the latest technology, ordering online, special orders are increasing. Bigg POS can help you to keep the contacts of suppliers or customers at the same time. You only need to click to reach them with Bigg POS latest technological tools.

Why Bigg POS excels in Grocery Stores?

Selling groceries is easy with Bigg POS!

Bigg POS system will increase sales and profit, develop control of stock for retailers with a suite of integration for groceries, supermarkets, malls and shopping centers.Bigg retail POS can be customised based on the needs of customers. This feature differentiate Bigg POS system then any other systems.


Bigg POS system for retailers has important features such as, screen which can be customisable with many different colors and tones, gift cards, promotional receipt and loyalty programs to raise the profit and efficiency in the company.

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