Hospitality POS

Restaurant, Cafe, Bar

The POS system is mostly used in the restaurant cafe bar industry. POS is the system used to receive the orders of the customers coming to the company in a complete and correct manner, to convey them to the kitchen without delay, to make the service complete and to collect the payment from the customer with a descriptive step. 

Cash or credit cards, many transactions take place everyday in hospitality sector. And this is the main reason makes Bigg POS system a necessity. It works very flexible, to track sales, to make transactions easy and more secure for both the customer and the business.

We can customise your point of sale to create the best options how you need it to run on your cafe, bar or restaurant. It is not complicated, you can use your tablet or mobile device to take orders and fast. When you choose Bigg POS system, you will have more happy and satisfied customer.


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