Wholesale POS

Noone know accept Bigg POS that how challenging wholesale business. Suppliers, buyers, manufacturers, customers are very important to wholesale businesses and it is very hard to keep update and contact with them, because of the variety numbers of connection. This is the reason Bigg POS will be helping you to run on your business easily. With just-in-time inventory, customer data, track inventory cost and more, Bigg POS will be helping you.

What will be the benefit of bigg pos to your business?

The dynamics of wholesale Bigg POS system are organized inventory, controlling of data, customer satisfaction, dynamic sales and reporting. Stock information, track of information between suppliers and customers, demand and supply tracking will be very easy with Bigg POS system!


Sales, purchase, order, stock in, stock out and analysis of demand analysis can be customizable for different kind of wholesale businesses. Bigg POS system will benefit you within automatic calculation of sales commissions, increase the profit and support payments in multiple currencies including split currency payments.

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